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    Replace Image and  Add Text - New Content Editing tools javascript commands

    Jo_2013 Level 1

      With the new content editing tools in Adobe XI, can anyone please advise if there are javascript commands for the following:


      • Replace Image
      • Add Text


      Replace Image

      I have a pdf document with an image which is replaced manually by the content editing tools (it is a logo).


      Add Text

      The same pdf document has text added manually by the content editing tools as well (this is the same text each time).


      Can anyone please advise the basic javascript commands I can use to get me started, as the above process is very time consuming when done manually and repeated  multiple times per day?


      Scripting to add text via the content editing tool method is the aim, I am trying to avoid adding a text field, as the pdf will require to be flattened at the end of the process with this way.


      Any advice and assistance will be most appreciated.


      Thank you.