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    Not seeing duplicates with new version

    GreenpointCreative Level 1

      Just updated to the new version of lightroom via creative cloud.


      I thought this was just an issue with my iphone, but it turns out it is happening with my canon as well. Lightroom is not seeing duplicates, not seeing the correct date order on the camera for import, and also not seeing the correct orientation (photos are upside down).


      This is a big problem-especially the duplicates part.


      Running PC, Version 2015.1.1




      Looking into this further, on the colapsed import dialogue it says 'ignore duplicates'. When I go to the enlarged import frame, and final handling, the box checked to ignore duplicates is checked.


      Also, lightroom is turning my photos upside down.


      This is having my canon 5d mark 3 plugged into the computer. I never had this issue before until I updated to the cc 2015 ltrm version (most recent to date 09/06).