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    cfml-tags in string variables and outputting


      i'm implementing a small content-managment system in my web-application, based on cf-mx7.
      i have an html-editor for editing the web-content (FCKeditor). The content is then saved to the database.
      Now my application simpliefied loads the content from database and outputs it with <cfoutput>#mycontent#</cfoutput> where mycontent is the variable where the content is loaded to via cfquery-tag.
      So far so good. This works fine.
      Now i want to integrate some cfml-tags into the web-content. so that variabe mycontent contains html-code mixed with cfml-tags. but now the cfml-tags are only outputted to the browser as they are and are not processed by coldfusion.

      does anybody now how to implement that?

      may regards and thanks for your help
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          Kevin Schmidt Level 1
          What tags do you want to put into the content and why?

          Perhaps there is a better way to do what you want to accomplish.
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            mcd Level 1

            thanks for your answer.

            The reason is following:
            I show my content on a cfml web page using a <cfmodule>-tag, where the template-parameter identifies a custom-tag which gets the id of my content-object in the database. that tag has some additional funcitionality such a show links for editing the content when the actual user is the content-owner and show header and footers. It also loads the content, identified by the id of the content in the database, and outputs it using <cfoutput>#mycontent#</cfoutput>

            Now my intention is, that i want to use cf-tags in the content. with that i want to indirectly nest some <cfmodule>-tags. The result should be, that my content itself contains content-objects, but for that my first content has to contain that <cfmodule>tags

            i hope i could descripe to you what my intention is.