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    AE 2015 Slow performance


      I'm noticing a very slow performance on the last update.


      I'm currently running a dual 18-core machine (72 cores in HT) with 256gb of ram, 2x gtx 980 and  dual raid SSD's on system and workdisks.

      I would at least expect that these specs would make ae run like a walk in the park. What's up with that ?


      When rendering i'm noticing like a 3% load on cpu, almost no disk activity and just filling up ram. Are you guys sure you're heading the right direction with the updates ?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The amount of resources that AE uses depends on the project. AE is not fully optimized to take advantage of all the memory and CPU power available because it only renders one frame at a time. They are working on improving efficiency. AE is generally a lot better than it was just a while ago but there may be problems with specific types of footage or specific effects. Your machine is way over the top and if it is custom made and not generally available to a wide audience then it would be pretty hard for Adobe to have optimized AE for all that horsepower because there is still no standard on how it is set up or used.

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            Visualart.be Level 1

            Hmm, why does cc2014 works like a charm then ? On any project. The performance shouldnt be project related...

            Why does it take a simple conversion from a dng sequence to a mov 20x slower then davinci resolve ? (wich is basicly only read, write)


            The core of AE is long overdue. I know they are working on it but now it feels like they released a beta wich slows down my workflow by more then half.

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              rosmo_ Level 1

              Unfortunately AE 2015 is utter POS. We have huge problems on every PC with decent specs. Just reinstalled 2014 before I would lose my mind with 2015

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                dissidently Level 2

                AE 2015 is an alpha build. Nowhere near feature complete in the renderer. No multi-core, as you've just found.


                AE 2014 won't use all of your cores, either, nor will it use them optimally. But it will be much faster than 2015 on a machine with more than one core.


                There needs to be a warning about this the moment someone starts to render. The first dozen times. That way folks can realise they can have 2014 and 2015 installed at the same time, work in 2015, render in 2014.


                Adobe apologists won't just spell this out, either. So it's obscure, and you think there's something wrong with your project, settings, system or OS.


                It's AE 2015's renderer that's to blame.

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                  Visualart.be Level 1

                  So 2 months later, went to IBC Amsterdam where they shook me off with some blabla working on it. But nowhere near any solid answers. I'm thinking about buying a cheap *** i7 computer with higher core frequency with less cores.

                  Currently trying to render out a simple plexus project, previewing is at 0.065 frames/second.... go figure...

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                    dissidently Level 2

                    I feel for you. The promise and potential of AE seems so obvious... the reality so distant from this apparent dream.


                    Yes, you will be better served mastering a real 3D effects and modelling app than getting frustrated with AE and its update cycles. By the time AE is running well, you can be a master of 3ds Max, Maya and C4D, and probably won't ever come back to AE.

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                      I make a mistake of asking the AE performance question through their chat support. her answer was "using 10% of CPU is a good thing, using more of it will crash your system"

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                        dissidently Level 2

                        Wow. That must have been a fun conversation.

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                          Visualart.be Level 1

                          Hahahahahaha. What a joke.

                          This is what my system looks like when rendering in 3D, this is what I want to see in AE as well.



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                            BernardDigital Level 2

                            Yea can not even get 4K ProRes Files to play real time... like wtf?? quicktime has no issue with realtime... and quicktime sucks... like even using region of interest I can get up to 18fps... So bad...


                            I have 32 gigs of ram and 4gigs on Vram and 3.5 quad i7... Not the beefiest machine but should be fine for simple paint work...


                            Wish adobe would give us all a month free or something... This just sucks!!!!

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                              Visualart.be Level 1

                              lol at 1 month free, if I would calculate the amounts of time that I'm missing out I think they would have to give free lifetime licenses until my great great grand children's children

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                                ZNEASTHWK Level 1

                                well, here's more from the chat support on the performance problem

                                Shipra Singh: The less is the CPU usage, the more effectively your system will work

                                Shipra Singh: At the time of rendering , premiere pro uses graphic card while after effects doesn't use it.

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                                  dissidently Level 2


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                                    Visualart.be Level 1

                                    So there's a new update with improved performance ? I'm converting a quicktime animation codec file HD 3000 frames to a png sequence as intermediate because AE crashes when directly rendering to quicktime h.264 on PC.

                                    It takes over 1 hour to do so !!!!!!  like really ????

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                                      Visualart.be Level 1

                                      Guys any update here ? like really this stuff has been going on for so long, still no improvement on performance issues... it seems like AE is running better on an ordinary i7 laptop setup then on a highend system.

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                                        ActionCamStudio Level 1

                                        Please, forget about 2015 apps if you want to keep your clients and keep your stomach free from gastritis. Stay with 2014 apps. Photoshop,Illustrator,PP Pro, AE 2015, at least for me, don't work as expected. Period. Now we can discuss on how beautiful AE will be in 2018, how PP Pro will have no audio drops in 2019, how Illustrator GPU usage will not crash your system in 2020. Have both 2015 and 2014 on your system will create, at least for me and my 24 cores and A LOT OF RAM Mac Pro, a bit of confusion and a general slow performance that reminds me AE 6.5 times...when you have to wait for a rendering of 1 minute about one day. Work in AE 2015 and render in 2014 for me have no sense at all. I can't work in 2015 because there are a lot bugs...no real time...no preview window...no audio when you need it...:)

                                        Stay with 2014, if you are in a production environment in which you have to work on two or three projects a day, and you have no time to play beta testing.

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                                          BernardDigital Level 2

                                          This is still a huge problem... Adobe doesn't care at all...Screenshot 2016-06-09 23.40.45.png