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    Reordering pages in a document not starting at 1


      I am having issues getting my head around the script required to reorder pages in a document which does not start at 1.

      When outputting from Indesign I have a pdf which starts at page 2 (due to a problem with A3 layouts and outputting from Indesign) and needs reordering by moving the first page of a group of 4 to the end of that group.  I am not sure if the Movepage refers to an absolute reference or an arbitrary page number starting at 0.


      I need a script which takes a document numbered for example 2-13

      Moves them all to 1-12 and

      then moves page 1 --> 4, 5-->8, 9-->12. (every 4th page moves it 3 pages further on) through the document.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      (Acrobat Pro DC, Windows)