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    Spool Folder

    Tpaul Level 1
      Hello All,

      In my cold fusion application (throught he website) we send e-mails and it works fine.

      But I have a problem related to spool folder, somehow my spool folder (C:\CFusionMX\Mail\Spool) is
      getting old e-mails (not sure why) and my sys admin deleted all of those e-mails from the exchange server. But still my spool folder keep getting 285 e-mails and clears off in 10 mnts and then again i will get those 285 e-mails back in the folder (some of them are a month old which were delivered successfully)

      Is there way to find out what's the problem is or a solution? Please let me know if i don't make sense.

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          CutterBl Level 1
          I've seen this happen since CF 4.5 on occasion. Your CF server lost it's connection to the mail server at some point, which caused a lock up on your spool, which will continue to recycle over and over. Here's what you do:

          1. stop CF services
          2. cut and paste all messages from the spool into a temp folder
          3. restart CF services
          4. verify your mail server connection through the CFAdmin
          5. drag the cfmail files back into the spool folder about 200 at a time, waiting for them to process out before dragging in the next batch.