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    New to InDesign CC w/ Retina screen; display issue?


      I recently upgraded from InDesign CS5.5 to CC; at the same time I've also upgraded my computer to a 27" iMac w/Retina screen. Too many changes all at once. Currently working on a magazine project in InDesign, I've noticed that when I go from spread to spread there's a display issue: I get fine white lines across the images. They disappear as soon as I go to another page, or move the view, but soon return. Their placement seems to be random. I've tried different Display options (Typical, Fast, etc.) and modes (Preview, etc.) but the problem persists. Is this common? I'm concerned that there may be an issue w/ my computer display (can still return it)—but the issue occurs only in InDesign.


      Any help with this would be most appreciated.

      Thank you very much!