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      II am running Adobe golive cs2 on windows XP  times 4 years. I am trying to change page color and background color. For some of my pages I can click on the -page properties-icon and the inspector shows the page color and allows me to change. For other similar web pages, the inspector does not show the page color and does not allow me to change. Why? Does this have anything to do with templates?               Mike K

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          You have posted in the PageMaker forum. You may not have heard of PageMaker, as it has been dead 15 years, replaced by InDesign. However, it is similar to GoLive in one way: GoLive is also very dead, discontinued over 7 years ago (replaced by DreamWeaver).

          There is however still a forum for GoLive, perhaps you will find someone who remembers it:  Or perhaps not, there are only posts every few months. See The specified item was not found.