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    How about endnotes at the end of EACH chapter??


      OK, I know Indesign isn't set up for endnotes (yes, I will say this is mindboggling--please, please fix this). I have done work arounds to format for endnotes before, and will do it again if necessary. BUT, now I have a client who wants their notes at the end of each chapter (each set up as a different story).


      Before I do the labor of the workaround again, is there a way that ID will import individual chapters, with notes, and set up the notes as endnotes at the end of each individual chapter (not of the entire book)?


      I just want to know before I do the layout with the linking notes via paragraph styles (yuck!).


      Parenthetically, are you all working on a fix for this? My friend keeps screaming at me to learn LaTeX for this reason alone (not to mention cost).