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    Imported psd file from creative cloud becomes pixelated



      I have an issue in AE when trying to import a psd file from creative cloud libraries.

      These are the steps I'm taking:


      1. In creative cloud I have a psd file (a settings menu bar) that inside itself cointains several other files (icons) from creative cloud (each icon is a psd creative cloud file).

      2. Inside After effects I want to use this settings bar and I click "import" on the file in libraries.

      3. After effects puts my file in the project tree. However, now the issue is that a png-file is created. I don't get the original psd file.

      See image:




      As you can see the file size is 248 x 34 px. But my psd file was 1440px wide.

      What does this come from and how do I change it?


      4. When I then drag the file to my work area to use it, its super pixelated and unuseful. See image:



      Actually, if the file is a png or psd I dont care, but I need it linked to my library to stay up to date with changes and I need it in my original size 1440px wide.


      How do I solve this?