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    jsx: How can i import atm file?


      Hi, i'm trying to write a jsx script that import and execute

      an atn action file in photoshop cc 2104


      i can execute action, but i find notthing to import atn file in photoshop.

      is there anyone that can help me?


      thanks in advance


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          Pedro Cortez Marques Level 3

          This works on CS6 and CC2014 (don't know on CC2015).



          // get a list of all actionSets
          var actionList =getActionSets();
          // before you load it, you need to delete it if exists first.
          for(var d in actionList){
              if (actionList[d] == "MySetName") {
          // loading the new actions set
          var actionsFileATN = File("C:\\Users\\Public\\MySetName.atn");
          if (!File(actionsFileATN).exists) app.load(File(actionsFileATN));




          // Use this to call and run a specific action in an actionset


          ////////////////////////////////////////////////// ! !