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    Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop blank window

    Nuno M Level 1

      Dear Fellow Adobe users,



      Can you please assist me with the following problem:

      - Blank Interface in Creative Cloud Desktop application.

      The Settings Icon does not display any Details (No Preferences or anything)

      But All the applications are Licensed fine, and Syncing Files also works fine.



      I Did follow the Documents provided by Adobe:

      - https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/creative-cloud-app-doesnt-open.html

      - https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/black-screen-sign-in-creative-cloud.html


      This suggested to:

      Install the Latest version of Creative Cloud Desktop (Issue Started after this Update)

      Remove All Adobe software from the computer (Old versions and new versions)

      Restart Creative Cloud Desktop Application

      Remove OPM.db,

      Run Compatibilty Mode (265 Colors),

      Safe Networking

      Remove OOBE.


      Unfortinatly none of these solutions resolve the issue.

      Completly removed All Adobe Software,

      Manually removed the folders from Adobe,

      Manually searched the Registry and Removed All Adobe Related. (According to a Clean install)

      After Still running into the same problem, I have tested again to start Windows in the Selective startup,

      Killed All (newly installed) adobe Services and Processes and tried to Run Creative Cloud Desktop App again.

      Updated Network Drivers, but also this didn’t help to resolve the interface issue with Desktop Application.




      After this i tried to Download the previous version of Creative Cloud Desktop application from the site of Prodesign tools.

      This got installed fine, this version worked fine before, But now is showing the same problem.

      Blank screen in Creative Cloud desktop app.(But the Tray is also informing to Update again to the latest version, Doing so still leaves an Empty interface for the creative cloud desktop.


      As additional information:

      the Service and Processes are active and runnig fine.

      I Know this, because after installing the Tray from Creativecloud Desktop app,

      informed me that all my files are syncronized, Also the products are Licensend.



      Now Probably the Easiest and Fastest Solution is:

      Format the Computer and Reinstall the OS, and start with Creative Cloud.

      As this worked fine before applying the Update.


      Offcourse this is my Last resort of a Solution,

      it is possible but most definetly not the most desired solution.


      My System:

      Asus Computer - Windows 8.1 x64 - Portuguese (i7/Intel HD Graphics 4000/6GB Ram)

      Creative Cloud Desktop App version:


      OOBE File: - Shared Link from Adobe.com



      Please if you are able to tell me why this behavior is happening.