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    Payment/Service Option for Creative Cloud




      I found myself looking at some blogs, posts, and articles about how people don't like the subscription requirement for Creative Cloud, and choose to stick with Creative Suite 6. The main issue I found was the cost of the software per month, which the standard here in the United States is $50 for access to all of the applications. I believe that there is a way that can benefit both the consumer and Adobe by offering an additional option to use CC. One of, if not the main reason why CS6 is still used rather than switching over to CC, is the ability to make a one time payment to use the software. Creative Cloud should have the option to pay for its usage at a one time price like CS6, and the option to pay monthly if you so choose. For example, the cost to use Creative Cloud could be priced at $2000 for ownership. However, if you can't afford it at that price or whatever price is determined, then you can choose to pay a monthly subscription from the list of plans. This benefits the consumer because they no longer have to worry about a subscription if they can pay the full price as with CS6. Also, this benefits Adobe, because if a consumer pays the one time price and stops using CC for whatever reason for a few months, Adobe still makes money from the few months the consumer stops using the software, that they would've otherwise lost in the subscription payment. Furthermore, if someone can't afford the $2000 (example price), but still needs to use the software. Adobe will be making money off of their subscription, and when the consumer can finally pay the one time fee. Finally, the obvious benefit, is pulling in the people who are still using CS6, because you are giving them an option to choose what they want. I hope that Adobe reads this idea, and at least considers it. I truly do believe that this change could be most beneficial to all of us.


      Can this be done?


      Thank you,