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    Barcode EPS now missing numbers when imported CC2015


      We're facing a problem with CC2015 and barcodes.


      When we import barcodes into inDesign CC2014 everything works fine. Both bars and numbers are visible

      When we import same file in to inDesign CC2015, the numbers beneith the bars disappears. Also we can no longer open the EPS file with Illustrator. (No errors, program just stops )


      We're using Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.5


      We could try anoher barcode generator, but since we have years of "old" files that we need to reprint regulary, we would really just like to be able to use the same EPS files.

      Also it seems weird that CC2014 can work with the EPS's , but CC2015 cannot.


      I've uploaded an example EPS here: http://edweb.dk/Temp/Hannibal2_VSTDVDDK_EAN.zip


      Please help