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    Lightroom Mobile account expired even though CC membership is active.




      I have spent several hours on the phone (mostly on hold) for this issue, so if this message comes across as hostile, please do not take it that way. I'm frustrated with the level of phone "support" I've received over the past couple of days. My Lightroom mobile app is showing up as "expired" when I try to login. To give some background... I was on the photo plan and recently upgraded to the full CC plan. In order to make this happen, phone "support" had me cancel my photo plan and then repurchase the full CC plan. After a sign out/login on my computer everything was fine. The problem is with Lightroom Mobile on my Galaxy Edge 6. Now, I have uninstalled, reinstalled, reset the phone, and tried fresh installs on other android devices only to get the same message that my subscription is expired. I can login to the CC app on the android... but not Lightroom Mobile. After all is said and done, the phone "support" folks informed me that my only course of action was to contact an EXPERT via these forums. That seems like a strange model for customer support (I even had to find the forums on my own) when it comes to escalation of a problem. That being said, I remain semi-hopeful that the software I'm paying for monthly might actually work at some point. Any help at this point would be greatly appreciated.




      P.S. This just in: LR is now informing that LR mobile subscription is expired. How is that possible given the fact I'm in LR with a CC membership?




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