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    Issue regarding nonprinting object style while generating preview

    annetter Level 1

      I have created an Object style, and check marked the non printing option. I then apply the Object Style to a graphic frame which has an image. In InDesign Client (CC 2014) I use the following code to generate embedded preview images for the document


            app.generalPreferences.includePreview = true;

            app.generalPreferences.previewPages = PreviewPagesOptions.ALL_PAGES;

            app.generalPreferences.previewSize = PreviewSizeOptions.EXTRA_LARGE;


      The preview image generated then does not have the preview of the graphic frame.


      But when I execute the same code through InDesing Server(CC 2014), the preview generated includes the preview of the graphic frame.


      Any idea why there are different behaviors for the InDesign client and server? And basically I don't want the preview of the non printable object in the page preview.