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    My sRGB JPEGS from Lightroom look different online

    Microphonic Level 1

      I'm having a bit of an issue with my sRGB JPEGS from lightroom,


      At first, the JPEGS looked different to Lightroom everywhere (Windows photo viewer etc) But when I imported them back into Lightroom, they looked the same as the edited RAWs.


      I solved this through a bit of research by deleting my monitors colour profiles, now my sRGB JPEGS look identical in Windows photo viewer as the edited RAWs in Lightroom.


      However, as soon as I upload these JPEGS online, they look different again!


      Please see the examples:


      JPEG issue.jpg

      If you look at the trees to the right of the frame on the image uploaded to Facebook you can see that they are quite a bit darker than on the windows Photo Viewer. It becomes a lot more obvious if you zoom in. How can this happen when it's the exact same sRGB JPEG?


      Thanks for any help!