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    Importing/Linking Spreadsheet Data + Formatting


      Here is a data import/formatting I'm working on. http://imgur.com/a/fr0C1[1]

      When I have the sections looking exactly how I want them, I create new paragraph, cell, and table styles. When the linked spreadsheet gets updated it looses formatting. When I reapply all the styles, it ends up justifying the center 2 columns of data to the right, rather than centered & left.

      Thanks for the insight!

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          Answered in another forum:




          For this, I would make sure that your table style specifies "[None]" for all of your cell styles. I would create a cell style for each column, and create corresponding paragraph styles for every paragraph style. Within each cell style, I would specify the paragraph style you want. (This should cascade the styles down correctly.)

          I would not directly apply paragraph styles to the text, as that can be reset upon re-import. And I would make sure that in your desired outcome, that there are no overridden styles. The overrides could be getting dropped out when you swap text.

          I haven't mocked up this scenario on my end, but I believe this will solve the problem.