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    Cancel Add-on


      Since Adobe has the most piss poor technical and customer service, can anyone with a brain tell me how to cancel an add-on subscription? There is NO cancel button anywhere. The company that makes the add-on says it has to be done through Adobe. Adobe says that can't do it. Classic tech company ignorance. While I could just tell PayPal this is an unauthorized transaction (bet it becomes Adobe's problem then), I'd prefer to do this the right way by, I don't know, clicking a damn "cancel subscription" button.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Have you tried going to your account at Adobe.com and using the Manage Subscriptions link? I suspect the third-party software won't be there, but you should at least check that before going back to the vendor.


          And I bet you'll have no luck at all through PayPal -- in my experience their support is even worse and they make it nearly impossible to reverse a charge.

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            jamesm6578739 Level 1

            So, apparently I have to cancel all of CC to cancel the add-on. This is what the sweatshop workers are telling me anyway. Considering I've been hung up on both through chat and phone after an hour, canceling my subscription is the best thing I'll do all day. Word to the wise: avoid plug-in subscriptions like the plague Adobe is.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              You can do that, but I'd try calling the vendor back and ask to speak to a supervisor (and their supervisor) until you get to someone who can actually do something.

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                jamesm6578739 Level 1

                Turns out PayPal was awesome about this. They canceled the subscription from their end, and said that if the company didn't refund the money immediately, they'd take it from them. All the while, Mindstream and Adobe are STILL arguing over who can cancel the plug-in. Idiots.