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    Education discounts not available?

    sinjinz1984 Level 1

      I've been trying to find out about education discounts on Adobe products, yet the web site keeps telling me that they are not available in my region. My university does offer post-grad students the option to have the IT department install Acrobat XI Pro on our laptops, but the last time I needed to do that, it took about a month's worth of back-and-forth emails with the person responsible for maintaining our bulk licenses to actually get the software installed. I currently haven't got that kind of time before I need to start working on documents for my dissertation again.


      Adobe always used to have academic discounts in our region, but have recently stopped providing these licenses to local students. Does anyone know why they've stopped providing discounts for academics in the 'African' region? Shouldn't we always qualify for these discounts if we are students and academic staff?