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    Composition Failed To Load - Loading Failed, please check your page for JavaScript errors - Need Help - Potentially Lost Alot Of Work.


      Hi There.


      I've been using Adobe Edge for several weeks - transitioning from Flash as many of our clients are now requesting HTML5 animated banners.


      The interface etc is intuitive and the results so far seem to be wonderful - though, I am running into the same issue over and over, which in turn renders my animation un-editable in Adobe Edge - In turn I'm forced to re-create the banner - this error is beyond me as it happens at random - I can open a file and it can work every time - Yet as stated above, several of my files now have this error and I didn't change anything - but somehow the JavaScript code has errors in it.


      I have tried to find information online - some suggestions are to delete all the lines of code in dreamweaver that show errors - yet my knowledge of JavaScript code is somewhat limited.


      Please advice me on how to resolve this frustrating error.


      Kind Regards,