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    TypeError: app.execDialog is not a function


      I created a dynamic stamp with the following code in the JavaScript section of a textbox on the stamp.  The app.alert message displays, the custom (very simple) dialog box does not display and I see this error in the JavaScript console in AcroPlot Matrix 2015: TypeError: app.execDialog is not a function


      var oDlg = {

          description: { name: "Test Dialog", elements: [

          { name: "Hello World", type: "static_text", },

          { type: "ok", },

          ] }



      if(event.source.forReal && (event.source.stampName == "1cd91ce4-fd1f-4c90-9caea76fd2ac6fbf"))



        // Dialog Activation




      I edit in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and test in AcroPlot Matrix 2015.


      Thanks for taking a look at this.