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    Find out the bottleneck

    drloksoft Level 1


      I've just installed a brand new PC with:

      ASRock X99M Extreme4

      Intel Core i7-5930k

      SSD 128GB for OS

      2 x 2TB SSHD Seagate (in RAID 0)

      16 GB DDR4 Crucial 3000MHz

      Gigabyte GTX 980ti 6gb

      Just installed everything and realized the rendering is only twice as fast as on my 2.8GHz I7 MacBook Pro. The result is slower than I've expected.

      Any tweaking recommendations? Or is there a tool which lets me find out the bottleneck of the hardware?



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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          you are saying the pc is 2x faster than the macbook pro? that is about right, maybe a bit less than 2x faster.


          you can use windows resource monitor or task manager to look at cpu usage, memory, and disk usage. you can use gpu-z  to see what the video card usage is.

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            RjL190365 Level 4

            Your configuration is a little imbalanced:


            1) The SSHDs: They are no faster than conventional spinning hard drives for large-file transfers. In fact, they perform practically the same as the Seagate 7200.14 drives that they're based on. Large media file transfers cannot utilize the flash portion of the SSHD at all - but instead go directly to the much slower mechanically spinning portion of the drive(s). Thus, in this case the SSHDs are largely a waste of money for practically zero performance benefit for your use.


            2) Your system has only 16GB total of RAM. For Premiere it is strongly recommended that you have 3GB or more of RAM per CPU thread. However, your i7-5930K has 12 threads, which means that your system should have 36GB or more of RAM. 32GB is okay, but unfortunately 16GB is woefully inadequate for a 6-core, 12-thread CPU-based PC.

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              drloksoft Level 1

              Thanks! I guess I'm going to upgrade RAM and buy a big SSD!

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                drloksoft Level 1

                Funny. the GPU is not used at all.

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                  JFPhoton Level 3

                  Yes....RJL is correct.....you have too little system memory AND the drives which hold your video files are holding back your performance. You may want to add a PCI SSD like a Samsung SM 951, or, Intel 750 to place your active media files, project files, previews, and all cache files on. The larger , spinning HDDs can then be used as an archive and for backing up, while the PCI SSD would handle your ACTIVE files used in editing....all running at a MUCH faster speed of over 1.5 GB per second or HIGHER, and possibly NO latency due to the " bidirectional" nature of the interface if you have an NVME model......traditional SATA SSDs cannot read and write at the same time....the SATA interface is "half duplex" permitting only one type of operation at a time.


                  You can test your current machine at the PPBM8.com website, run by Bill Gehrke here on this forum, using his test for editing with PPro. Then, re-test it after adding memory, ( 64 GB would be great....32 GB much better than current), and a faster media drive. Your CPU is made to OVERCLOCK......the clock speed of the CPU is KING in providing for a performance increase...TAKE ADVANTAGE of it !!

                  You can study the many test results of various machines at that site, and by downloading the free Piriform " Speccy", you can study the details of their hardware, as well as your own. many are running their Haswell E CPUs at 4.5 Ghz !!


                  Many users of cheap SSDs for their OS drives are not getting proper performance.......Samsung 850 Pro series and the cheaper Crucial MX200 series are recommended......"EVO" models, are NOT. Some SSDs are slower at the 128GB level and show best performance starting at 256GB and higher......you can check Anand Tech reviews,( or, similar), to see about yours and then test yours. The many small read and writes conducted by Windows page file operations on your "C" drive can hinder performance if you are using an inferior SSD for your boot drive. Disable " indexing" on all drives for better performance. Also, make sure your  " Power Settings" are ALL set to "Maximum Performance" or Windows will THROTTLE your CPU and even GPU to hinder performance.


                  Also, be aware that the CURRENT version of PPro CCloud is way better and improved over previous versions like CS6 in handling 4K and other codecs. These newer versions have improved memory usage for better performance and ELIMINATED  a common problem in editing .MOV files from Canon cameras which used to introduce a 32 bit operation that would CRIPPLE the 64 bit PPro  !!


                  Good Luck !!

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                    drloksoft Level 1

                    What should I say .... THANK YOU!


                    You guys rock!

                    Really helpful!!

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                      drloksoft Level 1

                      One more question ... I've just switched from a Mac to PC and are quite unfamiliar with overclocking ... Does anyone have a suggestion for a website describing the settings for overclocking? I've tried the standard profiles of my mainboard and caused a freeze every time.

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                        drloksoft Level 1

                        PS: PPBM8.com from Bill Gehrke seems to be down. It's just saying "Test". I'll drop him a note.

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                          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                          Funny. the GPU is not used at all.

                          it all depends on the project and media, how much of the hardware premiere will need/use. premiere is primarily cpu based, but there are plenty of gpu effects and lumetri color that use the gpu. the same goes for ram and hdd's, if your specific project & media doesn't require more ram or faster drives to feed the cpu, upgrading will do very little for your rendering/export speed. once you have enough ram the windows pagefile usage will be reduced, so if you have a slower OS ssd it may not be a big issue. more ram will be needed if doing long/large projects, 4k projects, or multiple apps open in the background.


                          the main thing will be to watch the cpu usage during rendering/export, if its not pegged near 80%+, then there is a bottleneck. i say 80%+ because premiere can have problems multi-threading and may not always be 100% usage. if you get low cpu usage, you still have to figure out if its a hardware or software (premiere) bottleneck. if you are getting poor performance while editing, you can watch the resource monitor to get an idea if the drives are slowing down media access, memory is full, or if it might be a software issue with premiere.


                          overclocking will be important, again since premiere is primarily cpu driven. there are lots of guides online for haswell-e x99 overclocking, videos on youtube, etc. you can also search for your motherboard and overclock, to look for any guides specific for your motherboard. if your system isn't overclocking well, you need to make sure you have a good cpu cooler, good air flow to keep the motherboard parts around the cpu cool, and a quality high watt power supply.

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                            drloksoft Level 1

                            ha, it's ppbm7.com!

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                              drloksoft Level 1

                              @RoninEdits Thanks a lot!

                              I've reviewed a couple of blog posts & youtube videos on the matter of overclocking. Right now I'm trying to tweak the computer, but I got it stable for now at 4.4GHz. Tomorrow I'll receive a package of M2 Memory, a new SSD and more RAM, as well as a bigger Power unit and some fans. Once I've installed everything I'll tweak the stuff further.


                              With 4.4 Ghz I've got the rendering to a point, where the CPU is "under-"utilized with 75%, while the RAM seems to stay at 8GB usage and HDD goes up to 100% speed, according to resource monitor. So, I'm quite sure I'm getting the CPU up to 100% again, once I've installed the SSD and M2 disk. With the fans and power supply I'm hoping to b able to cool the Motherboard as well as the CPU further, so that I can tweak it up to 4.6GHz.


                              I'll give you a report shortly.


                              @Taramundi - not sure if you've bought already something. This outcome might be interesting to you as well.

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                                drloksoft Level 1


                                According to all of your tipps, I've upgraded my hardware to the following

                                • Corsair Power supply with 750W
                                • ASRock X99M Extreme4
                                • Intel Core i7-5930k
                                • SSD 512GB for OS
                                • M2 512GB for my active projects
                                • 2 x 2TB SSHD Seagate (in RAID 0)
                                • 16 GB DDR4 Crucial 3000MHz
                                • Gigabyte GTX 980ti 6gb

                                I figured out that my CPU overheats quite fast during rendering.

                                I'm getting it to 80°C quite fast with a multiplier of 43 (4.3GHz) - not very nice!

                                So, I've just decided to upgrade once more with the following components....

                                • Tower Nanoxia Deep Silence 6 Rev. B Big Tower
                                  • plus 4 more fans from Corsair for cooling of Mainboard and other components
                                • Water cooling system from EK (due to my researches this seems to be the best option)
                                  • CPU Unit
                                  • Water Reservoir
                                  • Water Pump
                                  • Radiator
                                  • 3 Corsair fans
                                • Mainboard ASRock X99 OC Formula Intel X99
                                • 32 GB DDR4 RAM 3000MHz

                                I'll keep you posted next week, once the hardware is installed!

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                                  Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                                  I do not know why people are referring you to PPBM8.com the site is PPBM7.com ppbm8.com is just a place holder for future activity.  PPBM7.com has one single download that can has a common test for CS6, CC, CC2014, and CC2015 versions of Premiere.