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    Cascading Select Combo Boxes

    Andrew_Lattimore Level 1
      I was wondering if anyone has "cracked the code" on using cascading select combo boxes in Flex to control the data displayed in a data grid. In ColdFusion Flash Forms, you can easily create a cascading select to use with filtering the data of a datagrid. However, I've been having a rough time getting the same functionality to work in Flex. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.
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          There are several ways to handle cascading comboboxes.
          1) make succeeding comboboxes use the preceding combobox as a datasource. Then just use selectedindex to parse the data for you.
          2) you can assign a separate datasource (httpservice) to each combobox and allow for the sending of parameters for the dataservices of child comboboxes based on the selected index of the parent combobox.

          Let me know if you need more detail.