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    Indesign not recognizing wacom pen button clicks

    ExquisiteGrace Level 1

      I have a Wacom Intuos Pro Small, running windows 7 and Indesign cc 2015.


      In Indesign when I try to use the pan/scroll button (so bottom button on the pen) it doesn't seem to register that it's being clicked at all, nothing happens. Nothing. I have tried adding a special Indesign application for the pen and changing the button to keystroke h and space and it still does nothing as if I'm not even clicking the button. I use the tablet in Photoshop cc 2015 and Illustrator cc 2015 as well and I do not have this problem in those applications.


      If anyone has come across this issue and has something that worked for them or any suggestions on how to make it work or why it isn't working, it isn't a big deal but it is ticking me off a bit.