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    Serial Number not Working

      Hope someone out there can help. I just purchased the downloadable upgrade to DMX 2004 for $399 for my Director 8 license. When I go to activate the program, I enter the new serial number Adobe gave me, fine, but when the next screen asks me for my previous serial number from which I am upgrading, the Director 8 serial number doesn't work, and the application will not allow me to "continue." I know the serial number is good; I registered with macromedia when I purchased the product back a few years ago; the number worked fine, and still does for Director 8. I've called support and the guy said after I gave him my particulars, that he could see no reason why the number won't work in the DMX2004 activation screen, and said I would have to talk to customer service... which is why I'm here, writing all this. There is no customer service available; I call and all I get is music, no one picks up—for fifteen hours!?

      FYI, I've tried typing in the serial number with CAPS on and off, didn't use the key pad, used shift for caps, everything, to no avail. Boy, who knew everything was going to go to hell when adobe bought macromedia. macromedia was always very helpful in their support. adobe used to be.

      Anyway, thanks in adavaqnce for any help.
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          Hi David,

          Macromedia typically allowed upgrades from maximum 2 versions back. After Director
          8, came
          Director 8.5
          Director MX
          Director MX2004

          So, your upgrade serial number may be looking for a D8.5 serial number.

          If you want to email me directly at d.utian@unsw.edu.au, we can discuss your serial
          number situation in more detail and see what can be done.


          Director Lecturer / Consultant

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            JenNes Level 1

            @ Dean: Since a couple of days Adobe is offering a special Upgrade for Director 7 and Director 8 customers (this offer is up until early january). So all should be fine...

            @ David: Is it possible that you have purchased the wrong Upgrade? In the Adobe online shop you have to choose whether you will upgrade from Director 7/8 or from Director 8.5/MX. Never the less you should contact the customer service via e-mail: http://www.macromedia.com/support/email/cscontact/.

            Best regards
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              David_Q Level 1
              Hey, thanks for your replies. After going through Activation Support, then Customer Support, then Technical Support, then back to Customer Support, I'm finally up and running. Seems they didn't produce a special installer for this particular offer (upgrade to DMX2004 from Director 7 or 8) and had to use a "dummy" serial number that customer support gave me. If any one has this problem, just call Technical Support directly; they'll verify your serials and produce a document for Customer Support to give you a number you can use.

              Thanks again