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    Converting Flash CS6 to Flash CC and html5 Canvas font/tween issues

    Jami Sanderson Level 1



      I have some older flash ads running but our hosting company now ants all of them in html5.


      Two Questions:


      Upon opening up the Flash CS6 documents in Flash CC (in order to convert to html5)


      1) Is there an easy way to convert the Motion Tweens created in CS6 to Classic Tweens which the html5 Canvas requires?


      2) Is there an easy way to convert the fonts to paths in Flash CC? (Even if I have to click on each object of type and make it a symbol this is preferable to making a new layer and re-animating.)


      OR...is there a font conversion/embedding that can be done in the html5 Canvas output.


      My head is, of course, spinning!


      Thanks for anyone's help.