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    File saved incorrectly and parts of image are missing


      I was working in Photoshop CC and saved as I made changes.  I added the teeth, skull, eye and saved.  No problems.  I added the background and saved, no problems.  I added the flame and saved.....picture is destroyed.  When I clicked saved it changed the image and now the background is only partially there, the flames have parts missing, the dog has parts missing, and my once done picture for a class assignment is destroyed.  If there is a fix, please help me.  Otherwise I am going to have to go back and redo everything.  That will waste far too much time because I have 3 other assignments to do and that does not include making posts on the student website and watching video tutorials for the other assignments.


      Here is the incorrectly saved version as a png of the image after it was saved so incorrectly from what it was:

      dog scary.png

      Please HELP!


      Julie S.