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    Photoshop CC Features Add-on installation failure in Extension Manager CC

      Hello, I've tried installing your product but it does not install, In the Adobe Extension Manager CC it gives me "This extension can not be installed, it requires Photoshop64 version in range of inclusively between 14.0 and 14.9."



      I used the troubleshooting guide to discover the reason but it did not help, here's what I did:


      Step 1: I checked that it was acquired.


      Step 2: I have the Creative Cloud Desktop app installed.


      Step 3: Sync-files are turned on and not paused.


      Step 4: I have Photoshop CC 2015 installed, it is compatible with it (that's what the webpage said https://creative.adobe.com/addons/patches/2445?display=whereToFindExpanded#.Vd5HaZc-Kq3 )


      Step 5: I restarted my application, no results.


      Step 6: I closed all applications, and installed it again, no results.


      Step 7: I tried installing it via Adobe Extension Manager but it did not work (see error message above)


      I can't find the solution on my own, please help.