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    Tablet draws a line trailing off the screen directly to the left every time I press down in Flash CC


      My Turcom TS-6608 / Huion P608N tablet (People say they're the same model and I've tried both the original P608N driver install and the slightly altered Turcom TS-6608 driver install for Windows 10 from Turcom Drivers)

      draws a line trailing off the screen directly to the left every time I press down with my pressure pen instead of following my drawing path. In Adobe Photoshop CC it works perfectly fine. Why does this happen and how can I fix it?

      One line for each time I press. It's only blue because that's the pen color I had selected. This happens with both the pencil tool and the brush tool. I do happen to be running dual monitors. Flash is open on the right monitor but I've tried swapping them around, dropping down to one monitor, and it doesn't seem to change. I'm not sure if this is specific to my tablet or an issue with the program.



      It seems like there's a split second after the touch down where it does read my directional movements before putting in the straight left line.

      2015-08-26 20_38_56-Untitled-2 (Canvas)_.png

      2015-08-26 20_43_05-New notification.png

      In Flash CS6 there seems to be a similar problem. When I press down, the first dot shows but it stops registering the pressing down almost instantly even if I continue pressing down with the pressure pen. It holds in the pressed down state but doesnt track the movement. With my mouse, I can then move it around to draw the path but it's not picking up the pen.

      2015-08-26 21_11_19-Untitled-1_.png


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          In Flash CS3 it goes the same way as Flash CS5.5 where a dot will appear, it won't register the held press or the release of the pen tip. If I move the mouse after a pen press, i can drag it around in the same way. The problem seems to be that flash simply isn't reading continued pen presses but I'm not sure how to fix it. In every other program it appears to work fine (Paint, Photoshop, etc)


          Another thing I've discovered is that if I have another program that isn't flash selected as the active window but try to draw in flash using the brush tool then it responds appropriately, but the second I let go of the brush stroke and let Flash CC 2015 be the active window again it fails to recognize my movements.


          I'm thinking it could be a simple driver issue.



          It seems to be a bug in the Turcom driver code. If you unplug one monitor then you can draw normally in flash. What happens with two monitors is that the position of the pen cursor instantly repositions itself incorrectly when you press down. Because I was drawing on my right monitor, this tended to be to the left (perhaps because Flash thought I was working on monitor 1 or something).


          I have an email ticket in with Turcom as for a permanent solution, but for now just using one monitor works fine.