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    Camera Track not solving on PC

    jeffbottom Level 1



      I'm having problems tracking a pretty basic camera move on the PC version of Ae. I have the exact same file with the exact same settings and exact same version of Ae and it solves fine on the Mac but I get the dreaded "analysis solve failed" on the PC. The video is a ProRes HQ file with a rather odd size of 4480x2520. It appears to do the tracking fine on the PC but then fails when trying to do the solve ?


      any suggestions greatly appreciated



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The PC can only read ProRez files through a 3rd party decoder. I'd transcode the footage so something more standard like a JPEG 2000 quicktime or even better an image sequence then try tracking that.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            What Rick said. ProRes HQ is not usable on PCs.



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              jeffbottom Level 1

              wow, that is crazy, I just did a test with a cineform version of the video and it solved fine. what is going on ? the PRHQ works fine in every other situation i've thrown it at but not the camera tracker... seems very odd. Anyways cineform to the rescue again !

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                kartheeks8043017 Level 1

                sir i too have imported a simple first person shot from my phone and i converted it to quictime file and then tried tracking it but it says analysis solve failed.please help me to get over this

                here's the video clip:VID 20160211 124730 - YouTube

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  The biggest problem with that shot is that the hand has more detail than any other object in the shot.  You have to have fixed geometry with sufficient detail and parallax changes for camera tracking to work. There is a little detail in the black sofa, there is almost no detail in the white wall, and the hand  is kind of moving with the camera and definitely not fixed geometry therefore the analysis will fail.



                  Your only hope with that shot would be to rotoscope (Mask) to hand out of the shot then pre-compose and do the camera track on the pre-comp. you then just turn off the masking in the pre-comp or replace the pre-comp with the original footage after you have established the ground plane and origin and added some reference 3-D objects to the scene.


                  I do not hold out much hope for that shot because there is very little  perspective or parallax change in the shot. You need a whole lot more fixed geometry with the detail to get a good camera track. This is why professionals hire visual effects supervisors and put them on the set.