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    Help With Keying

    Cailen Knopp

      Help With Keying?

      Today I started the editing today for a new video project I'm working on about my last year in Jr. High. I am flipping threw my binder in the video and on some pages are notes about my year along with a piece of green poster paper. My intent with the Green paper is to key it out and have a video play in it's place. I couldn't just mask out the area because I have pages flipping in front of it and my hand moves across it. How would I use Key light (or any other way) to replace the green on the paper in the screenshot with a slideshow or photo? Screen.png

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, if the page is moving, you want to corner pin track the note. If it is not moving then you can just move straight to adding Keylight. You simply sample the green note card from a frame where it is visible and make adjustments to the settings to pull a clean key. This will poke a hole in your footage. Now you just put the video you want to play in the hole below the footage of the notebook and adjust the scale and position. Personally I would use the corner pin effect to align the video to the notecard.


          If the notebook is moving and you want to simulate the video moving as the page turns then you have to do some corner pin tracking and apply corner pin to the replacement video. There is no need for keying.