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    Bought CC15 got charged twice, program won't even open.


      I'm not new to the Adobe game, this isn't "a whole new thing for me"
      I've been Flash since CS4 and this is the first time I've been royally screwed.


      SO when I decided to make the switch to CC back in January 2015, I got on the month to month plan.
      Awesome, was loving it.
      in March or there abouts I canceled my subscription for financial reasons.
      Hopped back on a month later, and it started a whole new plan for me, ok.. makes sense, I GUESS. NO BIG DEAL.
      then, I keep paying, month to month, until 2 days ago, when my most recent month expired, I finally need Flash again, and have to penny up for another month.
      So, I buy the month to month plan again, thinking it'll just do what it did before, like any normal consistent thing in the universe. BUT NAH.

      So, I see my bank account has 4 charges for whatever insane reason.

      Huh, that's strange, 1 month for 32.51 costing a total of $62.44.

      I go look to my "manage plans" section in my Adobe account, oh, yes I got charged on both of my inactive plans, one for 29.99 (plus tax), and one for 25.77 (plus tax).
      What does this even mean!?!?? I paid for a second copy that was $4.22 less randomly without warning? And then 2 other RANDOM $1.00 charges that have no documentation in any of my purchase history?
      PROOF: http://i.imgur.com/HLiC3OE.png

      So I'm here thinking... "OK whatever, maybe it was my fault, maybe I got screwed by some terms and conditions I didn't read or what have you"
      "At least I can animate now, and make back the money I just had gypped  from me"


      upon launching Flash, it informs me, with absolute certainty, that I need to renew my subscription to continue using my product..... "UNINTERRUPTED"


      O   ___    O


      I'm being punk'd. I'm about to meet Ashton Kutcher.
      But ladies and gentlemen... Ashton wasn't there.

      Adobe, this is not ok.