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      I have been writing down my ideas for improvements & fixes in Edge Animate. Some of them are related to how animations work in Muse.


      I know it's a lot so sorry guys, as if you're not already busy....





      Edge Animate - 3D Flip

      It would be great to control a Flip movement. Like a card turning from front to back. Especially angled so I could turn an image 20 degrees, not just flip it 180 degrees. 3D Animation abilities are really the next step in website animations in my opinion. At least flip in X & Y for starters!!!!



      Edge Animate - Rollover buttons

      Edge Animate REALLY needs a simple rollover ability like how Muse has with being able to adjust the objects "states" such as Normal, Rollover, Mousedown, & Active. It would be easier than creating a symbol every time. Can't have a website without links....



      Edge Animate - Responsive settings

      I really could use some explanations in the different options for Responsive setting in Edge Animate. Also for us Muse users we have the ability to use 100% width but I always have some problems with Edge Animations in use trying to span the full width of the page. Mostly because I want the animated background to be 100% width but the rest of the content centered, or at least located in relation to the center. It seems another big issue I have is with a Tablets. I don't have any control of reliability when going from Vertical to Horizontal. I think most of this relates to positioning %s of an objects location based on the left or right of the screen. When there should be an option for center too.



      Edge Animate - Folders / Layer Groups

      It would be great if I could keep all of my timeline parts in a folder just so I could visually see everything better in the timeline when I'm working on a project with lots of parts. I know you can group items in the timeline but it doesn't really do anything. It should collapse the nested items.



      Edge Animate - Poster Image problem

      If I have a poster image for the Animation, it flashes right before the animation starts in most browsers Desktop and Mobile. It kind of ruins the animation. Poster image should only be a fallback in case the browser doesn't support HTML5 animation. I run windows and use multiple browsers for testing. Not sure if this is a bug or not. Being able to put a simple rectangle or poster image in the "Preloader" screen instead of an actual loader bar would be a great fix for this. That way it will load the 1st part of the screenshot for when it starts. Another thing, when I change an animation and republish it, the poster image in Muse stays the same as the 1st original one.



      Edge Animate - Overlay

      I have tried to use Edge Animate to create an interactive instructions overlay on top of a web page in Adobe Muse and after the 5 second animation finishes I want it to shut off. But this still covered up any links in the rest of the web page so I couldn't click on them. Maybe make a way to turn off the stage? I even tried resizing the stage after the animation finished and I still couldn't click any links behind the animation.



      The ability to delete an Image or other Asset out of the "Library Panel "

      We really need to be able to edit an image in PSD or AI and bring it in again sometimes. Or at least update the new asset like in Muse.



      Ability to use different Fallback videos. .OGG .MP4 .WEBM etc...

      I thought I heard that if the videos are on the server then the browser will automatically use them for fallback but this method, if it's true, seems unreliable in the event the video has a slightly different file name.



      The future if Edge Animate

      I know you guys keep everything quiet but keep in mind people would just like to know where Edge Animate is heading as a product. Will features be added again? Is it slowly being left to die? Is the development team working on some more magic? We would just like to know either way?



      I didn't see a section for Ideas for improvements so I posted here. Mods please move if in the wrong place.






      Thanks for your consideration, I hope this helps make Edge Animate better. I use it everyday and love it.

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