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    How do you manage 60K plus images in the Cloud and ever have any means of productivity?


      I signed up for Lightroom and now am about to move from iPhoto 60k plus images.  I am just moving one cloud storage to another?  What a dumb idea right?  There must be more to this.  I have enough images now that is it nearly impossible to use them because the time to load all the images makes it too slow and cumbersome.  I have the high end iMac max memory to no avail.


      My plan was to do the following.


      1. Dump all 60K images to a terabyte portable drive.

      2. Organize them from the harddrive and get them off the cloud using Lightroom

      3. Set up a schedule/discipline to move the images from the cloud once a week and sort them from the hard drive.

      4. Keep only the images i am currently interested in or working with in the cloud and move everything else to archives that are better organized


      Any sanity to this?  How should I do this.  The image count is only growing.  I am sure I am not the first to have this dilemma.


      Appreciate your feedback and help.


      Thank you.