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    Help me...It is not installed(and/or updated) flash player at the first time


      Hello? Everyone!

      Because i have been met curiously situation, I post my some questions.

      Briefly writing to my experience.

      When i was try to updates flash player(ver. under IE11(not compatibility mode) & Win7.(Also I occasionally met the same experience under IE7(XP), IE8(Win7)).

      It is not completed,but remained ongoing updates status. There is no more message. So I checked out the current version of flash player through the control panel. It was still the previous version(15x). In this situation,  I watched the VOD on the e-learning windows. But I couldn't watched the VOD. Because the message appears likely as "It is not installed flash player on the computer, ". I wonder, re-checked out flash player in the control panel. I noticed that there is keep the flash information(still previous version).

      So I tried to re-boot the computer. Then checking the flash player again.  Curiously~! it was changed newly flesh version as

      I have some questions are as below...

      1. This progress is right?

      2. If not, how can i installing flash player at the first attempt?

      3. Also, How can i figure out that if there is a problem with computer?

      Please your opinion for me. Thanks you.