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    Black and White images with green tint

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      I have a consistent problem with my black and white images having a slight green tint.

      We usually apply an adjusted VSCO filter to all our images before going through them and editing. When we create black and white images we make a virtual copy of an edited photo and then pull the saturation slider down.

      Using the Black and White option still has the green tint. And I have gone through all the settings and nothing seems to be causing the tint.


      However I know that I can produce a true black and white image by opening a new version and in photoshop, saving it back into lightroom and then pulling the saturation slider down again makes a perfect black and white.

      This process is time consuming though.


      Also, using different VSCO Black and White filters on the images tends to make BW images without a tint as well.


      But I would love to just be able to switch an image to black and white with the saturation slider or normal black and white option.


      I just don't understand why this green tint is occurring and why it goes away when I use the saturation slider after having the version in photoshop.