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    My nightmare week - try this at home

    Bob Pierce Level 1
      I have a working Flash site at


      and development version which has a problem at


      Try the development version and click on "Request a catalogue". You'll find that the combo boxes don't work. On the live site they do. I was pretty sure the two sites are currently the same but my version control isn't foolproof so I swapped in some .swf files from the live site and hey presto the dev site works. But what's the difference? By a process of elllimination I've narrowed the culprit down to the main .swf that hosts all the rest but I can't find anything wrong with the code. I end up buying Sothink's decompiler in order to compare code in the working .swf with my current .fla and guess what - no difference. Many hours have passed and not much other work is being done!

      I make a standalone version of the request form, it works fine. I make a host MC that loads the form into a placeholder MC, now it doesn't work. So I start from scratch - two Flash files, one with a single combo box component, the other with a placeholder MC that loads the other. On its own the combo file works, loaded into the other it doesn't. What on earth is happening, this is basic stuff and it doesn't work! Not only that but I have a website that proves that it used to work. Desparate now, I re-installed Flash - no change.

      So, any ideas? Does the simple test file work for you? Create a new Flash file, drag a combo box into it, add some data and labels, publish as combo.swf. Test it. Create another Flash file, draw a rectangle and convert it to a symbol, give the instance the name comboPH_mc. Add one line of code to the main timeline:


      Does the loaded combo file work? Mine doesn't and I've run out of ideas.

      Any suggestions gratefully received!