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    coldfusion.runtime.CookieScope error in IE


      I receive the following error message:
      "Element 1 is undefined in a Java object of type class coldfusion.runtime.CookieScope referenced as"
      when trying to view my site with Internet Explorer 6.

      I use the customtag cf_inputFilter as a safety
      "removes characters or tags from all fields coming from the specified scopes (form,cookie, or url)".
      and the site has been running fine with this for years but now a cfscript is inside inputfilter.cfm is
      causing the error above.

      The error appared for the first time today but I have not made any code changes or updates

      If I remove the following from inputfilter.cfm the site works again (but without the otherwise brilliant customtag)

      // get the handle for the scope (form, cookie, url)
      s = Evaluate( scopeName ) ;

      // scroll thru fields in the scope and handle only simple values
      for ( field in s )
      if ( IsSimpleValue( s[field] ) ) {

      // replace tags - recursively until there are no more unwanted tags
      if ( reTags neq '' )
      do { prev = s[field];
      s[field] = REReplaceNoCase( s[field], reTags, "", "ALL" );
      } while (prev NEQ s[field]) ;

      // replace chars
      if ( charList neq '' )
      s[field] = ReplaceList( s[field], charList, "" ) ;

      It´s very strange because the error is isolated to Internet Explorer when I use Firefox or Opera everything is working fine

      The error appears only on my localhost :
      Coldfusion Version: 6,1,0,63958
      IIS 5.1 (on XP pro)

      Greatful for any help on this!