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    Lightroom CC has imported images and duplicated them when option box was ticked not to, is there a quick way to remove these?


      I always import my RAW images by selecting the option to convert them to .dng and add the new file to a named folder. Initial imports have always gone well but on my most recent import (from the same memory card), Lightroom CC has imported all the original files again converting them to .dng and giving the duplicates a '-2' to the end of their file name so image '_35R2345.dng' will also have been imported as '_35R2345-2.dng' and 2 previews exist in my catalogue. It also does not appear to have imported any of the new files giving an error report that they ware not imported because they could not be read.


      I've noticed that a temporary folder created by Lightroom within the folder storing the newly converted .dng files remains which could be from a problem in concluding a previous import? I'd appreciate any thoughts on this problem.