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    Reall, REALLY dissapointed with InDesignCC.


      After two weeks after upgrading from CS5 to CC, two most annoying 'inventions' seem to be:

      • default folder for save as is the last folder used to save something. And as iI've found, that can't be changed. All the world uses origin folder as default, but certain Adobe genious descided to modify that.
      • I am used to save files that I work on every quarter of hour or so. Now after few saves InDesign CC delights me with a message 'Cannot save the document. It may be opened by other applications. Close applications and try again. You may also use saveas to save it into a new document.' As it turns out, the only possibility is saveas, meaning that my folders are turning in to a complete mess.


      Congratulations ADOBE, I am seriously thinking about sending Adobe to %$##$! and use other software instead.

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First and foremost, this is a user to user forum provided by Adobe.


          We are users just like you.


          It's rare that an Adobe staff member posts on the forum, and I see a staff member moved your topic. Which means someone has noticed, at least.



          I've been using every inception of InDesign since CS2 and I've never encountered your issues. That's not to say your issues are not legit, of course they are, I just never encountered them since using the software since 2006.


          I'm sure someone will be along that has encountered these issues to point you in the direction for a fix.


          But until then - welcome to the fourms and I hope someone can help you.



          Can you let us know your

          Operating System

          Version of InDesign

          Any other information (like do you save to a server or another drive or an external drive)?


          Have you taken a look at the start of the forum for the FAQ and fixes posted there for most common issues.



          One thing I can tell you is that sometimes opening an older version InDesign file directly to a new version of InDesign can cause some hiccups.


          I'd recommend you export your File to IDML - open that and resave it to a new file.


          See the FAQ here Troubleshooting 101: Export to .idml or .inx to clear file corruption

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            I have no answers for your #2 problem -- I've never encountered, that, either -- but #1 is normal for a converted legacy file. InDesign files are a database, far more complex than most other files you've been working with, and the format changes a bit with each new version of InDesign. As you probably know, .indd files are not backward compatible -- you can't open your CC 2015 files in CS5, or even in CC 2014 without first converting to IDML and risking some loss. Since the very beginning InDesign has treated converted files as "new" copies (like you get when you open a template) to prevent accidental overwriting of the original and thus making it no longer usable in its original version. Since this file is considered "new" it doesn't actually have an original folder until ist has been saved once in the current version. At that point the behavior you expect will resume.