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    ePub file on Android

    Vectar Level 1

      Hi All,


      I recently started expirimenting with ePub files and made some test files that work perfect on my iMac, iPad and iPhone but when I open the same ePub on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 it messes up everything.


      What I made:

      - Content sliding in from the left : Not working on Android

      - Slide show with buttons to view slides : On Android the slides are broken apart and placed on separate pages

      - Video : On Android not working

      - MP3 sound : Also not working on my Android Tablet


      I searched the net but can't seem to find people with similar problems. Only advices on which reader to use. I installed all possible readers but none of them showed the ePub's content correctly.


      Does anybody know if I might be doing something wrong or if this is a problem everybody has?


      Thanks in advance