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    How to smooth edges in Flash animation overlayed on video

    Wojciech Peek

      Hello everyone,


      I am new to Adobe products and this will be my first post on this forum.


      I am working on a video to which I want to add an animation created in Flash. I am editing the video in Premiere. The problem I have is that in the end results I get visible edges on the animation that do not look sharp (shown on screen shot below):


      What I am referring to are the visible black lines between the animation and the background (which is the video). I do not want to add any artificial background to get rid of the effect. Is there a way to make the animation appear sharp on the video?


      Below a screen shot of the same animation exported from Flash without the video in the background:


      As you can see the edges appear to be sharper here. Is this only because of the black background? Is there any way I can improve the look of the animation on the video?


      Thanks in advance for all helpful advice.