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    how to make presets available to more than one user?


      My wife and I now have 2 external hard drives: drive A (call it), on which we keep the master catalog and master images, and drive B, to which I sometimes export subsidiary catalogs and images to work on them on my system while she is working on different master pics on hers before importing them back into the master catalog.


      This is working well EXCEPT that our presets (and perhaps other settings?) are unavailable to me on drive B.


      I think this is because when I set up the system I set it to store the presets with the catalog so that anyone using drive A would have them available. The problem is that anyone using drive B doesn't.


      We could move the presets to my wife's internal drive, but that won't help, since when I use B I use it on my system, not hers.


      Is there a way of syncing presets between catalogs (if presets are stored with catalogs) or between internal drives (if they're stored there) straightforwardly?

      I guess one thing I am asking is: are pre-sets such that, provided two settings folders are synced between external drives, the settings for LR, including pre-sets, will be the same for users of each external drive? Or is more required to ensure that the settings and pre-sets for me on drive B and my wife on drive A are the same then to sync the relevant folder.


      Perhaps I need to find out more about symbolic links, which people tend to mention in this sort of context?

      (We're mac users btw.)


      All best


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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Presets are stored in a separate folder on each computer. You can Copy them from one computer to another. You can also Store the Preset with the catalog but I'm not sure they get exported when you Export As a Catalog. So I suggest you use the LR Presets folder to store them and just Copy them to the other computer.


          Presets folder button.PNG

          Use the button to find the folder where the presets are stored, Copy them to a USB thumb drive, go to the other computer and do the same and then copy from the thumb drive to that folder on the other computer.

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            dtbain Level 1

            Thanks that's really helpful.  Quick follow-ups:


            1.  Where are other settings (e.g. what shade of gray the background for images is, etc?!) stored?  Is there a similar folder for them, whose contents can be copied over?


            2.  In the case of pre-sets, copying the folder is enough, yes?  Copying an app from one computer's HD to another woudn't mean both were up and running with the app, but with pre-sets, I take it, it's different. -- is that right?


            THanks again



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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              Your Reply isn't showing while I type this reply.


              1) That is an internal setting, option, AFAIK. If you are getting a different shade of Grey Background on the different computer that could be a monitor setting or a bad profile for the monitor or just the differences between the monitors.


              2) I  and you, in your original post, said nothing about Apps, like Add-on, Plugin, programs. You asked about Presets.

              Copy the Presets out of the Preset folders (there may be more than one folder that holds presets for different LR modules and import/export dialog windows) to the Same folder or folders on the other computer.


              As for plugins, like the NIK Collection and others, you will need to install those on the other computer. They don't really Copy over very well if at all.