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    Project Presets for 24P MiniDV in PE10

    Jerry Mann

      Hey Gang


      I am pulling old footage from my Canon HV20 camcorder for final use on Facebook/YouTube. My footage was shot at 1080 HDV 24P setting. I don't see a matching preset for my footage when I start a New Project in Premiere Elements 10.

      Should I just go with the DSLR 24 fps choice? Or should I choose something OTHER than DSLR and not worry about the FPS  match?


      Thank you,


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          Jerry Mann Level 1

          I tried the DSLR 24P setting. The first time I added a clip to the timeline PE10 indicated a mismatch of footage with settings, and prompted me to switch project setting to match. When I said Yes it changed it automatically. Project Settings are now HDV 1080i 29.97fps.  I will see how that goes!


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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Actually you're shooting HDV, not miniDV. MiniDV is standard definition format.


            That said, the DSLR 1920x1080 24p preset should work for you. Although more recent versions of Premiere Elements work much better with these non-standard settings -- and the program sets up your projects automatically to match your video specs!


            Anyway, the real test is when you place your video on your timeline. If you project settings match your video specs in version 10,  you will NOT see a red line along the top of the timeline, above the clip, when you add your video to your timeline.\


            If you can't find project settings in version 10 that much, I'd recommend that, if you want to stick with Premiere Elements 10, you shoot in the more standard 1920x1080 60i.

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              Jerry Mann Level 1

              Thanks for the reply, Steve.


              Yes, the MiniDV tape is just a medium for recording; the HV20 records in HDV. See my above post, as the scenario played out pretty much as you said: DSLR 1920 24P was rejected when clip was place in timeline, and suggested a better preset.


              When I shot that footage I was pretty clueless about compatibility of formats with editing software. Still get foggy on it sometimes! I am hoping to move to CC in the near future once my computer is upgraded.



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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Since you are not going to find a matching project preset for your specific video in any version of Premiere Elements, rather than start recording 1080i60, consider


                I would go with the



                DSLR 1080p24

                From what I have read, one of the pros of the Canon HV20 is that offering of HDV (MPEG2) @ 24p.


                You will find a "mismatch" between available Premiere Elements project preset and the properties of your file (frames dimensions, frame rate, field order, and pixel aspect ratio) in 10 as well as in later versions. As you found out, none of the available project preset match a file in all properties that are 1440 x 1080 HD anamorphic 16:9 @ 24 progressive frames per second which appears to be what your high definition camcorder is recording to miniDV tape. With versions of Premiere Elements later than 10, the automatic setting of the project preset is based on its analysis of the properties of the video. If it cannot match ALL of its criteria for the match, it gives you its default which is 1080i, not necessarily the best fit and you end up with an orange line (counterpart of 10's red line). Then you set the project preset manually as best you can if you have an video with properties atypical for the Premiere Elements project presets.


                The prime target of the selected project preset should be directing the size of the Edit area space to be correct for editing purchases. So, in this instance, my choice would be based on Edit area space which will be 1920 x 1080 display and the Timeline which will be characterized by a 24 progressive frames per second (the latter fps being a lesser consideration unless you are doing frame by frame by frame editing in the Edit area. Progressive would be a consideration because of some  subtle aspects of the project preset choice. Ignore the red line. Render to get rid of it if necessary for previewing - you would have to do that anyway after each edit of previewing purposes. You have more flexibility in the export, but maintain the 16:9 workflow. If the defaults for the export choices do not meet your needs, then customize the selected preset under the Advanced Button of the selected preset.


                Please consider.


                Thank you.




                Add On...I just saw you latest post after I posted this reply...I would question Premiere Elements 10's selection of a "better choice" for project settings in this case as explained in the above.