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    Refrencing level1 library

    FlashAmit Level 1
      I created an swf which loads another swf at level1. The swf at level1 attaches some movieclips from its library. It runs perfect when played individually.

      I added those elements which are being attached from the library in level0 swf and then level1 movie runs perfectly.

      Now the issue is that
      - If I add the elements to level0 library then the elements make level0 swf heavy.
      - If i make a shared library then all the elenets are loaded in the library thru swf which mus be preloaded.
      but by these way the elements increasing size of both swf and weather the level1 movie is loaded or not its elements are in the memory.

      to make the application memory optimized I need when the level1 movie is loaded it should refrence to its level1 library.
      Please help.