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    Unwanted still frame in blank spaces in After Effects

    singingzoologist Level 1

      Seemingly at random, After Effects has taken a still image from one of my clips and, wherever nothing else should be playing in a particular composition, it inserts this image into previews and renders.  It used to just be annoying--it'd disappear in previews and renders given time for my computer to process--but I just rendered a test cut to an .mp4 file and it is strewn about all over the place. I can't get rid of it now no matter what I do.


      A workaround occurs to me now that I could insert a blank still frame down the length of the composition but that hardly seems like something I ought to have to do. 


      Is anyone else encountering this? I saw a similar thread about changing a tick box in Keylight but that had no effect for me. 




      Win7, i7, 16GB, Quadro K1000M, Lenovo W530