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    Popular/Helpful resources for your Creative Cloud programs


      I currently have the Creative Cloud 2015 Complete subscription.  I have used a few Adobe products off an on through the years but never did anything serious.  The programs are rich and full.  Overwhelmingly so. I was wondering if anyone wanted to share any resources, tips, tricks, suggestions, libraries, etc that makes their life easier.  Right now i am focusing on Photoshop and Illustrator.


      Things I would like to know are where we can get free/low cost addons, actions, lights, clipart, etc things like that.  Things that help ease the way to an end product. Even if we can't get links, I would just like to know what types of things to look for.  When I watch some people's tutorials, and they click a certain button they have WAY more things in there than I do.  Or I have nothing in there even.

      If this question is too general, we can just delete it.