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    Suggest adding Inverse Kinematics or exporting updatable live tracking points into after effects to next version.

    AmploLance Level 1

      This is just a suggestion, but you should add the Inverse kinematics script to character animator from Duik.  It's amazing and I think some would prefer the rigid bend for certain situations.


      If it's not possible maybe have a way to export nulls (of origin, mouse track handles, or dangle handles points) to After effects with position information so you can parent things to the puppet like arms and legs or objects on hand.   Currently I'm using motion tracking to do this with bright green tracking dots, but I'd prefer to be able to expert actual numbered data that would update when I change the animation character animator, so I wouldn't have to re-track everything.


      Personally I don't think it would be that difficult since 3D programs already do this and I believe after effects can export it's tracking info to of an origins XY position.


      Let me know if this is something in the works.