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    CFFTP (Coldfusion FTP using BlueCoat FTP)


      I'm a developer within local government here in the UK and I am doing some Intranet development. I am wanting to use Coldfusion to FTP some files to one of our servers.

      We use BlueCoat as a proxy to filter web content and restrict FTP access ( http://bluecoat.com). Because we use BlueCoat when we log in via FTP we have to provide not only the FTP login info but alos our proxy login info. An example of the login process via command line would be:


      ftp-> open server_ip


      user -> username@hostname proxyusername
      password -> pass
      proxypassword -> proxypass

      I'm really wanting to have a module that can automatically FTP some files for the user. I've tried the following CFFTP code but it won't let me connect because I can't figure out a way to pass my proxy username and password:


      username="username@hostname proxyusername"

      I think having the username in the format "username@hostname proxyusername" should be ok but I can't figure out how I would pass in my proxy password. I can't change the authentication to a standard FTP protocol so I'm stuck not being able to FTP the files via CF. My Java is rusty (been a few years since I did any serious Java development) so I've not used it in CF before.

      Is there any way to get this to work? I know that you might not be familiar with the bluecoat system but I thought there might be a solution somewhere. I've tried the bluecoat forums but have had no help there ( http://forums.bluecoat.com/viewtopic.php?t=1796).

      Thanks for any help you can offer.